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Camasha  linen &  cotton

Camasha linen & cotton

  • Mon-Sat 9:00 - 18:00 Hrs.
  • (987) 857 0111
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  • 30 to 50% off
  • Camasha is Mexico's leading dealer in fine cotton and linen apparel. Internationally distinguished for quality, Camasha works with a select group of designers in collaboration with experienced Yucatan artisans to deliver some of the Caribbean's finest apparel. Each piece is not only unique but special.

    Garments are produced by artisans of different ethnic traditions including many from the Yucatan, the Huichol tribes of the Bajio region, and by communities of women who've been developing handcrafts for generations.

    Camasha makes a special effort to ensure that all materials, including imported linen, cotton, silk and bamboo fibers, are 100% natural. This ensures the quality, comfort and freshness of each garment and for which the line is well known.